Back to Natural Inspires NYC Natural Hair protection guidelines!

February, 2019: New York City Commission on Human Rights released amazing news. See the press release here. There is now new legal enforcement guidance that defines discrimination on the basis of natural hair and hairstyles, which disproportionately impacts Black people, illegal under the New York City Human Rights Law. The first of its kind, these guidelines represent a deep understanding that bias against natural hair is rooted in racist notions of what is considered “professional” or “appropriate.”

This is a HUGE leap forward!

In November 2018, invited by Grace Sacro Esq. (a supervising attorney) we brought Back to Natural and a presentation to the Commission to advocate for protections. As the commission was already dealing already with a battery of cases on this topic, the film helped to put the issue within a broader historical, global, and psychological context. Inspired by our work, the commission moved forward with developing these guidelines with us and other professionals in this space!!

We are so proud of the impact the cast and crew of Back to Natural has had and hope these guidelines are replicated worldwide! We also know that regulations need to be accompanied by the hard work of healing racial trauma that led to the discrimination in the first place!


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